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last update: 26 August 2022

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The Organizer reserves the right at any time and from time to time to make alterations in the format, agenda or programme of the Conference as may in their opinion be necessary in the best interests of the Conference.

Programme – technical sessions overview


Teatr Dramatyczny
09:00-10:30Opening ceremony
11:15-12:15Keynote lecture 1LMNS Lecture – Mechanisms of action of a geogrid reinforcement at macro and micro scale
Prof. Martin Ziegler (Germany)
12:15-13:15Keynote lecture 2Developments of geosynthetic-reinforced soil structures and their railway applications
Prof. Fumio Tatsuoka (Japan)
14:45-15:45Keynote lecture 3Experimentally and Mechanistically Quantifying the Benefits of Geosynthetics in Improved Roadway Performance
Prof. Jie Han (USA)
15:45-16:45Keynote lecture 4Geosynthetics: How can they help in hydraulic applications?
Prof. Kerry Rowe (Canada)
16:45-17:15IGS – Next Generation Initiatives

Detailed Technical Sessions Programme – by rooms


PLENARY HALL (Teatr Dramatyczny)
09:00 - 10:30
Opening ceremony

11:15 - 12:15Keynote speakerPaper author(s)
Keynote lecture 1
LMNS Lecture – Mechanisms of action of a geogrid reinforcement at macro and micro scale
Prof. M. ZieglerM. Ziegler, J. Derksen
12:15 - 13:15
Keynote lecture 2
Developments of geosynthetic-reinforced soil structures and their railway applications
Prof. F. TatsuokaProf. F. Tatsuoka
14:45 - 15:45
Keynote lecture 3
Experimentally and Mechanistically Quantifying the Benefits of Geosynthetics in Improved Roadway Performance
Prof. J. HanProf. J. Han
15:45 - 16:45
Keynote lecture 4
Geosynthetics: How can they help in hydraulic applications?
Prof. K. RoweProf. K. Rowe
16:45 - 17:15
IGS – Next Generation Initiatives


ROOM 1 (Sklodowska)
9:00 - 10:30
Session 1 - TC-R 1 Case Histories
Chairs: Oliver Detert, Ivan Puig Damians
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Geogrid-anchored sheet pile walls: first trial projectsO. DetertP. Duijnen, O. Detert, A. Lavasan, J. Berg, R. Holter, D. Konig, S. Eekelen
Design and construction of a geosynthetic-reinforced MSE structure with foamed glass aggregate lightweight backfillT. LouxT. Loux, S. Mclnnes, R. Crawford, A. Filshill
A case study on the advantages of using geogrids and geocomposites in a mine projectH. OzcelikH. Ozcelik, G. Rapley, Y. Karaman
Case study: Terramesh retaining wall in the middle of the slope under severe conditionsP. GualandiA. Siukscius, P. Gualandi
Stepped reinforced soil retaining walls at railway corridor rokycany – PlzeňO. VodacekP. Hubik, O. Vodacek, M. Kaspar
11:00 - 12:30
Session 5 - TC-R 2 New application and seismic countermeasure
Chairs: Ivan Puig Damians, Pietro Rimoldi
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Bridge abutments foundations using reinforced soil technologyJ. LajcakP. Hubik, J. Lajcak, M. Kaspar
Retaining walls with high weight concrete blocks in association with geosyntheticsD. DiasM. Riot, C. Sarbach, E. Tardif, O. Wyss
How to protect skiers from a tsunamiJ. GruberJ. Gruber
Two mechanisms in reinforced soil structures subjected to seismic forcesS. SharmaS. Sharma, A. Prashant
Reinforced soil structures from standard design to BIMF. TrovatoG. Intrevado, F. Trovato, G. Lugli, P. Pezzano
14:00 - 15:30
Session 9 - TC-H 1 Filtration and drainage
Chairs: Eugeniusz Koda, Jacques Cote
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Designing Geotextiles for Filtration: state of the practice and development of standard ISO 18228-3E. BlondE. Blond
Evaluation of the performance of a drainage geocomposite in a simple cover system based on 10 year measurementsE. BirleE. Birle, M. Melsbach, D. Heyer
Impact of the constrictions number on filtration characteristics of nonwoven geotextilesA. MarkiewiczA. Markiewicz, E. Koda
Performance of drainage geocomposites applied as capillary break layersT. SzatmariT. Szatmari, S. Fischer
Geotextile filters for dredged sediments management: the case of an artificial lake in Italy. From design to the operating phaseM. ZausaL. Frigo, M. Zausa, S. Moretti
Influence of the nonwoven geotextiles structure upon the permeability and geotextile cloggingS. LenartS. Bezgovsek, D. Gorjanc, S. Lenart
16:00 - 17:30
Geosynthetic, Sustainability and Current Industry Challanges
Welcome and introduction: Moderator - Patricia Guerra-Escobar
Presenting author
Construction Products RegulationOscar Nieto Sanz, European Commission
European manufacturers’ perspectiveHenning Ehrenberg, EAGM
IGS sustainability initiativesSam Allen, IGS
Sustainability benefits and concernsDr. Kasia Zamara, IGS
Product testing and performanceDr. Franz-Georg Simon, BAM
Panel discussion and audience Q&A
17:30 - 19:00
IGS General Assembly

ROOM 2 (Rudniew)
09:00 - 10:30
Session 2 - Young members - part 1
Chairs: Laura Carbone, Patricia Guerra-Escobar
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Nonwoven geotextile filtration behaviour due to cloggingA. MarkiewiczA. Markiewicz
The influence of structural configuration in long-term designs of geonets and geocomposite drains under simulated and site-specific conditionsS. ConesaS. Conesa
Seismic design of geosynthetic-reinforced earth retaining walls following a pseudo-static approachD. GaudioD. Gaudio, L. Masini, S. Rampello
Use of recycled C&DW in geogrid reinforced structures. Study of interface properties and geogrid damageP. PereiraP. Pereira, C. Vieira, M. Lopes
Experimental study to evaluate soil water retention curve of HYPER clay geosynthetic clay linerM. KhanM. Khan, G. Emidio, A. Bezuijen
Session 6 - Young members - part 2
Chairs: Dawie Marx, Edoardo Zannoni
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Investigation of force transmission during indirect activation of a geogrid in transparent soilJ. DerksenJ. Derksen, M. Ziegler
Comparative study on finite element modelling of a road structure with biaxial geogrid and triangular geogridA. NagyA. Nagy
Innovative geocomposite for dredged sediments depollutionG. StoltzW. Forogo, G. Stoltz, M. Coquery, S. Bonelli, N. Chaouch, N. Touze
Effects of geosynthetic encased column installation on the seismic response of soft clay bedsC. CengizC. Cengiz
Session 10 - Geosynthetic in stabilisation function
Chairs: Erol Tutumluer, Angelika Duszyńska
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Geodynamic modelling of geogrid-stabilised aggregate on soft ground in high speed rail environments using field-derived shear wave dataK. ZamaraB. Ogunmakin, K. Zamara, J. Kawalec, M. Todisco
Design method for geogrid stabilisation of railway ballast and subballastP. RimoldiP. Rimoldi, P. Pezzano, F. Trovato
Alternative laboratory approach for determination of geogrids performance in mechanically stabilized layersL. HornicekZ. Rakowski, L. Hornicek, J. Kawalec
Investigation progress of geogrid-soil interaction using DEMM. ZieglerZ. Wang, M. Ziegler, G. Yan, B. Ma
The design of mechanically stabilized working platformsA. LeesA. Lees, J. Kawalec

ROOM 3 (Mikolajska)
9:00 - 10:30
Session 3 - Pavements
Chairs: Jorge Zornberg, Andor Nagy
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Fatigue laboratory test on asphalt interlayer systemsG. MannsbartG. Mannsbart, A. Rubio
Optimization of geosynthetic design for asphalt pavement reinforcementM. RiotC. Sarbach, E. Tardif
Reduction of carbon footprint of roads construction thanks to the pavement optimisation with hexagonal geogridsP. MazurowskiP. Mazurowski
Reliability of road pavement constructions reinforced by geosynthetic materialsI. GameliakI. Gameliak, A. Nikolaichuk, G. Zhurba
New solutions for increasing the durability of asphalt roads and airfields pavementsK. KrayushkinaK. Krayushkina, T. Khymerik, K. Fedorenko
Mechanically stabilised layer by geogrids in road construction as an environmental aspect of sustainable developmentM. GolosM. Golos
11:00 - 12:30
Session 7 - Properties and Testing - part 1
Chairs: Peter Atchison, Jolanta Dąbrowska
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Using air as a permeant when testing hydraulic properties of geosyntheticsS. AllenS. Allen
Modified multiaxial tensile tests with geogrids in soil contactH. ZanzingerH. Zanzinger, D. Alexiew
Geogrid stabilisation application – review of strain measurement methods, research and implications on design approachesK. ZamaraK. Zamara, G. Fowmes, J. Kawalec
Plastic underground water storage tanks size and loading effects on engineering propertiesC. HsiehC. Hsieh, C. Chang, J. Yeh,
Stress-dilatancy relationship of sand-rubber mixturesK. Dolzyk-SzypcioZ. Szypcio, K. Dolzyk-Szypcio, A. Nurgaliyev
Comparative life cycle assessment of geosynthetics versus conventional construction materials in infrastructure, filter function and foundation stabilisation, a study on behalf of the EAGMH. EhrenbergH. Ehrenberg
14:00 - 15:30
Session 11 - Landfills and Mining
Chairs: Valentin Feodorov, Agnieszka Kiersnowska
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Reclamation of fertilizer sludge pond: the Azomures case study in RomaniaL. CarboneL. Carbone, O. Syllwasschy, T. Hasslacher, U. Hein
User guide of design standards for geosynthetics in landfills applicationsA. HeraultA. Herault, P. Delmas
Risks and rewards of EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) development of a landfill cell project involving geosyntheticsS. PaulsonS. Paulson, N. Morris
Properties of an HDPE geomembrane used for mine site reclamation: preliminary results 13 years after installationF. RarisonF. Rarison, M. Mbonimpa, B. Bussiere, A. Maqsoud, S. Turcotte
Leachate drainage by technical geocomposite at Sofa sanitary landfillM. RiotE. Tardif, J. Khamisse, P. Gendrin, M. Riot
Uses of cementitious geocompositesP. GuinardP. Guinard

ROOM 4 (Goethe)
9:00 - 10:30
Session 4 - Standardization, Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Chairs: Sam Allen, Katarzyna Zamara
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
CE marking for geosyntheticsH. EhrenbergP. Delmas, H. Ehrenberg
Application of Eurocode 7 for the analysis and design of veneer cover soils in static and seismic load conditionsP. PezzanoP. Rimoldi, P. Pezzano, A. Gebely
Model experiments on mechanical behavior of a shallowly buried pipe using geogrid under sheet-pile extractionM. TodaM. Toda, N. Miyazaki, Y. Sawada, T. Kawabata
Interface Shear Strength Properties of GeofoamY. KefciY. Kefci, N. Huvaj
The behaviour of containment bund using geotextile tube filled with lightly cemented soft soilJW. KohJW. Koh, SH. Chew, KE. Chua, HMA. Yim, DSE. Tan, YS. Toh.
11:00 - 12:30
Session 8 - Roads, Railroads and Other Transportation Applications
Chairs: Yuli Rigby, Nicolas Freitag
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Basal reinforcement of embankment over voids and soil subsidence area – new standard XP G 38065A. NanceyA. Nancey, P. Delmas
Effects of geogrid reinforcement on the seismic performance of lightweight embankmentsA. EdinclilerA. Edincliler, Y. Toksoy
Current condition of recovery method of disaster embankments using geo-cell and soil reinforcement barK. KojimaK. Kojima, G. Noda, S. Yazaki, M. Harata, K. Yokota
Statistical analysis of fibre reinforced frozen soilA. KumarA. Kumar, D. Soni
Bituminous geomembranes (BGM), in road, railways and airport infrastructureB. BreulB. Breul, J. Moeglen, B. Breul, I. Misar
Cost comparison of geosynthetics versus conventional construction materials, a study on behalf of the EAGM, CASE 3: Landfill construction drainage layer, CASE 4: Soil retaining wallJ. RetzlaffJ. Retzlaff
14:00 - 15:30
Session 12 - Physical and Numerical Models
Chairs: Daniele Cazzuffi, Remigiusz Duszyński
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Three-dimensional finite element approach for modelling 3D printed model geogridI. FalorcaG. Oliveira, I. Falorca, C. Pinto, V. Cavaleiro
FEM model for analysing the interaction of a geomatrix with a subsoilM. LupiezowiecM. Lupiezowiec
Modelling the impact of landslides on geosyntethics-reinforced barrier using DEM-FDM analysesS. CuomoS. Cuomo, M. Camusso, P. Gambardella, S. Moretti, L. Frigo
Numerical analysis of stress concentration around bridge bank seat in Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil – Integrated Bridge Systems (GRS-IBS)B. EL RefaiP. Naughton, B. EL Refai
Effects of soil movement with geosynthetic on soil arching under footing loading in trapdoor testsJ. HanM. Al.-Naddaf, J. Han
Geosynthetics in unpaved roads on soft subgrade: Large-Scale Experiments and numerical approachD. DiasN. Khoueiry, L. Briancon, M. Riot, A. Daouadji

ROOM 5 (Tiereszkowa)
9:30 - 10:30
IGS Corporate Member Case Study Competition - European Region
Chair: Francesco Fontana, IGS Corporate Committee Chair
Sustainable geosynthetic design for a shooting sports club noise barrier with recycled construction materialGermany - Naue GmbH & Co. KG
An abandoned dump turned into a small green lung in the heart of Metelliana ValleyItaly - Officine Maccaferri S.p.A.
Landfill remediation by multifunctional active cover lining to contain hazardous chlorinated hydrocarbon compoundsAustria  - HUESKER Synthetic GmbH


ROOM 1 (Sklodowska)
9:00 - 10:30
Session 13 - TC-R 3 Physical and numerical modeling
Chairs: Pietro Rimoldi, Oliver Detert
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Recent advances in laterally-loaded piles within mechanically-stabilized earth wallsJ. HanS. Jawad, J. Han
Effect of stress relaxation on the direct shear behaviour of a recycled C&D material-geosynthetic interfaceC. VieiraF. Ferreira, P. Pereira, C. Vieira, M. L. Lopes
Simulating mechanical response of GRS walls with different construction methodsM. KolliM. Kolli, A. Prashant
FE analysis of the effect of soil-reinforcement interaction and reinforcement pre-tensioning on the behaviour of back-to-back polymeric strip reinforced soil wallsI. P. DamiansA. Brouthen, I. P. Damians, R. Bathurst, M. Houhou
Finite difference modelling of deformable geosynthetics-reinforced barriers (DGRB) under the dynamic impact of debris avalanchesS. CuomoS. Moretti, S. Cuomo, L. Frigo
11:00 - 12:30
Session 16 - TC-H 2 Hydraulic structures
Chairs: Eric Blond, Anna Markiewicz
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Improvements on the durability of PVC-P geomembranes for hydraulic worksP. ClimentH. Tanghe, P. Climent
Use of Bituminous Geomembrane (BGM) in reservoirs constructionI. MisarB. Breul, J. Moeglen, I. Misar, B. Breul
Scour protection effects on the dynamic response of jacket structures under extreme load eventsA. KhansariA. Khansari,, H. Hoyme, H. Oumeraci
Sealing of filtering ponds by clay geosynthetic barrierF. CherifiF. Cherifi, S. Tabti, W. Akouir
Evaluation of the performance of wick drains (prefabricated vertical drains) enhanced by electro-osmosis method in the dewatering of Iron mine tailingR. MahmoudipourR. Mahmoudipour, A. Ardakani
Plastic or Concrete? The use of drainage geosynthetics to replace unnecessary environmentally damaging alternativesD. ShercliffR. Heritage, D. Shercliff
14:00 - 15:30
Session 19 - Roads, Railroads and Other Transportation Applications 2
Chairs: Leos Hornicek, Minna Leppänen
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Innovative use of MSE structure in combination with corrugated steel arch for railway applicationF. TrovatoF. Trovato, P. Gualandi, A. Siukscius, G. Lugli
Design guide for geosynthetic barrier systems as groundwater protection in road constructionsH. EhrenbergK. Maubeuge, A. Muller-Kirchenbauer, C. Schlotzer
A rheological model for georeinforced embankments based on piled foundationsV. MangravitiV. Mangraviti, L. Flessati, C. di Prisco
Resilient modulus of crushed stone material reinforced with geogridsK. MinazekJ. Kaluder, S. Lenart, M. Mulabdic
The application of the observational procedure for construction of athletic stadium in Bytów using geosynthetic reinforcement in complicated ground conditionsA. LopatkaA. Lopatka, M. Pilch

ROOM 2 (Rudniew)
9:00 - 10:30
Session 14 - Embankments on Soft Soils
Chairs: Nicola Moraci, Katarzyna Dołżyk-Szypcio
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Design, analysis and construction of basal reinforcement for bulk storage yard with geocell-geogrid reinforcementY. PatilY. Patil, P. Guda, S. Bagil, S. Vedpathak, G. Dalmia, A. Basu
Geogrid reinforced load transfer platforms (LTP) over soft soil – Experiences with high-strength laid & welded geogridsA. KhansariJ. Klompmaker
Short-term design of geosynthetic-reinforced embankments on soft foundation soilsP. PezzanoD. Romeo, P. Pezzano, P. Rimoldi
Field measurements in a partly submerged woven geotextile-reinforced pile-supported embankmentS. van EekelenS. van Eekelen, R. Zwaan, A. Nancey, M. Hazenkamp, Y. Jung
The fist Belgian lightweight embankments constructed with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) geofoam coreM. DuskovM. Duskov, D. Reynders, E. Nijhuis, S. Maesschlack
11:00 - 12:30
Session 17 - Properties and Testing - part 2
Chairs: Tom Sangster, Helmut Zanzinger
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Evaluation of geosynthetic interface friction at low normal stress: comparison between two different test proceduresN. MoraciP. Pavanello, P. Carrubba, N. Moraci
On the geosynthetic raw material selection in respect to project requirementsO. DetertO. Detert
Use of ASTM D8058 Flexural Strength Test Method to assess overall GCCM performanceW. CrawfordM. Kujawski, L. Church, W. Crawford
Micro-structural analysis of cement composites using stone waste: A reviewK. DeviK. Devi, B. Saini, P. Aggarwal
Applications of microbially induced calcium carbonate precipitation on non-woven geotextilesO. PekcanE. Duman, O. Pekcan, Y. Saricicek
14:00 - 15:30
Session 20 - Specific geosynthetic applications
Chairs: Chiwan Hsieh, Jacek Kawalec
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Highway crossing a problematic area: multiple geosynthetic solutionD. AlexiewD. Alexiew, J. Kranz
Interaction of rigid inclusions ground improvement with high strength geosyntheticsN. BrusaN. Brusa, P. Naughton
Evaluation of synergisms in the thermo and photo-oxidative degradation of a polypropylene geotextileM. L. LopesJ. Carneiro, P. Almeida, M. L. Lopes
Stability of soil structures with geocells as basal reinforcementY. PatilY. Patil, S. Bagil, S. Vedpathak, G. Dalmia
Use of geosynthetics for sealing and drainage tunnelsM. KhelifiM. Zermani, M. Khelifi

ROOM 3 (Mikolajska)
9:00 - 10:30
Session 15 - Innovations and New Developments
Chairs: Yuli Rigby, Jean-Baptiste Duquet
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Protection against gravitational natural hazards in Weggis, Switzerland with innovative technology using geosyntheticsS. JostS. Jost, L. Kunz
Behavior of an engineered reinforced gabion structure under seismic conditionM. KuboR. Perlo, M. Kubo
Cost comparison of geosynthetics versus conventional construction materials, a study on behalf of the EAGM, CASE 1: Filter function, CASE 2: Foundation stabilisationJ. RetzlaffJ. Retzlaff
The effect of polypropylene fibers on uniaxial compressive strength of clay soil stabilized with cement and zeolite.M. SadatS. Lajevardi, S. Mirhoseini, E. Zeighami, E. Ebrahimi, M. Sadat, P. Jolaee, G. Allami, M. Noruzi
Mapping of climate specific requirements and applications of geosynthetics in nordic conditions based on survey in the ROUGH development projectM. LeppanenM. Leppanen, A. Watn, C. Recker, P. Delmas
11:00 - 12:30
Session 18 - Durability of geosynthetics
Chairs: Stanislav Lenart, Zenon Szypcio
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Durability of EPDM geomembranes - Lifetime estimation by using high pressure autoclave test methodA. MonamiH. Zanzinger, A. Monami, W. Hahn, B. Amat, A. Armani
Effect of mechanical damage under repeated loading and abrasion on the tensile behaviour of a reinforcement geocompositeM. L. LopesJ. Carneiro, F. Carvalho, F. Almeida, M. L. Lopes
Comparative life cycle assessment of geosynthetics versus conventional construction materials, landfill construction drainage layer and soil retaining wall, a study on behalf of the EAGMH. EhrenbergH. Ehrenberg
Durability assessments of HT-PVAl fibers for soil reinforcement applicationsN. Freitag R. Lozano, M. Aressy, Y. Bian, X. Colin
Plastic in the ocean and global warming: New challenges for geosyntheticsH. EhrenbergH. Hoyme, L. Vollmert, H. Ehrenberg
The influence of thermally and mechanically induced short-term strains on smooth HDPE geomembrane propertiesK. MinazekM. Mulabdic, K. Minazek, F. Faraguna, A. Jukic
14:00 - 15:30
Session 21 - Polymeric and Clay Barriers
Chairs: Ayşe Edinçliler, Francesco Fontana
Presenting authorPaper author(s)
Long-term performance of PVC-P geomembrane installed in “Los Llanos de Mesa” reservoirG. StoltzA. Noval, M. Blanco, E. Aguiar, N. Touze, F. Farcas, J. Giroud, G. Stoltz
Designing with geosynthetics (A review of ISO TC221 TR )P. AtchisonP. Atchison, K. Maubeuge
Traditional vs numerical methods to estimate pressures and strains in pond geomembrane bubblesR. ThielR. Thiel, H. Eldesouky, R. Brachman
Semipermeable membrane behavior of geosynthetic clay linersC. ShackelfordC. Shackelford, J. Scalia
Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose-enhanced GCLs in freshwater reservoirsH. OzhanH. Ozhan
16:00 - 17:30
Session 22 - Geosynthetics in engineering practicePresenting authorPaper author(s)
HDPE geomembrane’s behaviour after 20 years in sevice at Areias de Vilar water reservoirM. BarrosoM. Barroso, J. Vale
PVC geomembranes in dams: influence of test temperature on seams peel and shear strengthM. Graca LopesM. Graca Lopes, M. Barroso
Numerical analysis investigating the deformational response of geosynthetic reinforced soil - Integrated Bridge SystemsP. NaughtonP. Naughton, K. McCafferty
Mechanical Improvement of a reinforced sand with Açaí (Euterpe oleracea) fibersM. Machado LopesM. Machado Lopes, M. Casagrande

Polish Sessions Programme – Sesje Polskie

SALA 4 (Goethe)
9:00 - 10:30
Sesja polska 1
Przewodniczący Sesji: Marian Łupieżowiec, Agnieszka Kiersnowska
Osoba prezentującaAutor(rzy)
Bezpieczne i ekonomiczne platformy robocze z zastosowaniem geotekstyliów i wyrobów pokrewnychA. DuszyńskaA. Duszyńska, R. Duszyński
Wpływ liczby przewężeń geowłóknin na ich właściwości filtracyjneA. MarkiewiczA. Markiewicz
Geosyntetyki filtracyjno-drenażowe. Kryteria doboru i przyczyny ograniczenia sprawnościW. Sterpejkowicz-WersockiW. Sterpejkowicz-Wersocki
Biodegradowalne geokompozyty sorbujące wodę - możliwe aplikacje i korzyści środowiskoweJ. Dąbrowska
K. Lejcuś, D. Marczak, J. Misiewicz, M. Śpitalniak, J. Dąbrowska
Zmniejszenie śladu węglowego inwestycji drogowych dzięki optymalizacji nawierzchni z wykorzystaniem georusztów heksagonalnychP. MazurowskiP. Mazurowski
11:00 - 12:30
Sesja polska 2
Przewodniczący Sesji: Jolanta Dąbrowska, Katarzyna Zamara
Osoba prezentującaAutor(rzy)
Badanie wpływu czynników chemicznych i termodynamicznych na właściwości georusztów PEHDA. KiersnowskaA. Kiersnowska, W. Fabianowski, E. Koda, Y. Trach, J. Kawalec
Wytyczne PSG do oceny zgodności geosyntetyków stosowanych w budownictwie infrastrukturalnymJ. Bryk
J. Bryk
Zastosowanie georusztów wielokierunkowych w konstrukcji podtorza i nawierzchni podsypkowejR. DuszyńskiR. Duszyński
Stabilizacja warstw kruszyw georusztami w nawierzchniach drogowych jako ekologiczny aspekt zrównoważonego rozwojuM. Gołos
M. Gołos
Badania wybranych mechanizmów działania zbrojenia geosyntetycznego w trwałych nawierzchniach asfaltowychJ. Sobolewski
A. Elsing, J. Sobolewski
14:00 - 15:30
Sesja polska 3
Przewodniczący Sesji: Angelika Duszyńska, Remigiusz Duszyński
Osoba prezentującaAutor(rzy)
Model MES dla analizy współpracy geomateraca z podłożem
M. ŁupieżowiecM. Łupieżowiec
Wykorzystanie geotekstyliów otrzymanych z odpadowych włókien syntetycznych i wełny owczej do zastosowań w inżynierii lądowejJ. Grzybowska-PietrasJ. Grzybowska-Pietras, A. Juzwa
Projekt i budowa nasypu z ultralekkiego kruszywa ze spienionego szkła zbrojonego geosyntetykamiJ. BrykT. Loux
Zależność naprężenie-dylatancja piasku z dodatkiem gumyZ. Szypcio
Z. Szypcio, K. Dołżyk-Szypcio, A. Nurgaliyev
Plastik w oceanach i globalne ocieplenie: Nowe wyzwania dla geosyntetykówP. PiotrowiczP. Piotrowicz, H. Ehrenberg

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