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Invitation to GeoRoad20

May 28, 2019 | News

The Polish Chapter of the IGS has partnered together with the Road and Bridge Research Institute to attract local stakeholders and regulators to the joint venture event.

The Road and Bridge Research Institute is a state-owned research & development entity, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction. It is involved in research and development projects in the area of construction and maintenance of the road & bridge structures and facilities. Activities of the Institute cover issues related to materials, engineering, organisation, economy and the environment.

The research subjects of recent years are primarily concerned with the issues of maintenance of transport structures, including implementation of the Road Surface Maintenance System, Bridge Management System and the developing of the advanced road and bridge maintenance techniques.

As part of our cooperation, on September 9-10, 2020 the Road and Bridge Research Institute will organize their GeoRoad20 ( conference sharing the venue with EuroGeo7.

The main topic of GeoRoad20 will be the use of geosynthetics for construction and maintenance of roads. The conference program will include:

  • Construction of road embankments in complex geotechnical conditions
  • Dewatering of road structures and subgrade
  • Stability of road embankments
  • Roads in mining damages
  • Stabilization and reinforcement of base courses and pavements
  • Reinforced soil for road bridge structures
  • Application of geosynthetics for the construction and maintenance of road pavements
  • Use of geosynthetics for erosion control on side slopes

GeoRoad20 papers will be peer-reviewed and published.
The official language of GeoRoad20 will be Polish.

The conference will be organized in the same venue together with EuroGeo7 sharing the registration, exhibition floor and catering.

GeoRoad20 flyer

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