About Poland

Poland is a large central European country located to the South of the Baltic Sea. An abundance and variety of nature, historical monuments, and a respect for traditions, intriguing modern times, and hospitality are some of the elements which make our country very interesting for foreign visitors. The Polish landscape is very diverse. There are incomparable wonders of nature , including the hundreds of unspoilt lakes in the Mazurian region, the huge underground salt mines in Wieliczka, the spectacular Tatra Mountains, the amazing, 30 km long Hel sand peninsula in the Baltic Sea, the primeval forest in Białowieża with the famous Polish bison.  Our eventful history and central location in Europe, where religions and the influence and authority of many nations have met over the centuries, has made Poland a country that intrigues and fascinates visitors with its material and spiritual culture.

10 facts about Poland

  • Science & innovation – The russians had discovered graphene, but in Poland it was developed!
  • Global IT – Assecco and Comarch – Polish compapnies which are among 100 biggest European software producers!
  • We have the largest economic potential
  • 3D Poland – there are plenty of such devices, but in Poland you can buy a high- quality printer at the best price! 10% of Global Market is Polish!
  • Have you heard about The Witcher? The first two parts were sold of 8 milion copies! Our symbol of new specialty – computer games!
  • In Poland you can discover what history really means – our history is so rich!
  • Chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie – sounds weird? It’s one of our language breaks, but don’t worry – we all speak english!
  • A pickled cucumbers – sour ones or fresh low-salt – doesn’t matter which one, you will fall in love at first bite!
  • Have you ever met a bison or boar during forest walk? Well, in Poland it’s possible!
  • Crunchy sourdough bread, world-famous polish sausage and pierogies in all flavors you can imagine – it speaks for itself and it’s just the beginning of delicious food that awaits you.